The Lifestyles section changes name to Arts & Culture

Posted on Sep 12 2018 - 5:50am by Liam Nieman

Starting today, the Lifestyles section is becoming the Arts & Culture section.

For a long time, the Lifestyles section has brought information and opinions about music, movies, art, theatre and books to readers, so the old name doesn’t seem like an accurate description of what our section does. It seems like too vague of a term for some of our day-to-day previews and reviews, and it reduces the importance of other vital stories.

But our new name is different. Arts & Culture effectively communicates the work this desk has been doing as well as clarifying its mission: to inform readers about local people and events related to all forms of art and to write features about students and locals who have interesting stories to tell.

For the most part, our work will be the same. We will still preview and cover local concerts, film screenings, art galleries, theatre performances, book signings and other events. Our writers will still review the albums, books and movies that college students are listening to, reading and watching. And we’ll still tell the stories of people who contribute to our small town’s culture but who fall through the cracks of pure news coverage.

But, along with the change in name, our section will feature new content that will roll out this week. See page 5 for an expanded visual to go along with our weekly online playlist. Tomorrow, look for the return of our Podcasts of the Week series, which will focus on podcasts for curious people. And on Friday, we will begin a new series of reviews of TV shows and movies on Netflix as well as a deeper look into one part of the Oxford music scene — house shows.   

The name Arts & Culture is a better summary of what we do here and an even better summary of what we’re going to do.

If you have a story to tell, reach out to me at