Grove fashion: Rompers, red and the Rebs

Posted on Sep 8 2017 - 8:02am by Kennedy Pope

Ole Miss football season – when thousands of people get up every Saturday to look their best and “Grove” in style. We are not the school that wears checkered overalls or crop tops with our school’s logo – we dress in style and are prepared every Saturday with our official game day color.

Tomorrow, as we take on UT Martin, our official game day color is red. Since we are only on week two of the football season, the Mississippi heat is still alive and well. The key to success for this early morning football game is comfortable shoes, a clear purse, sunglasses, a water and, most importantly, a cute outfit.

Red is the primary color for the Ole Miss Rebels, so grab that red dress or romper hanging somewhere in the back of your closet. Even if you haven’t been preparing for game days all summer, it shouldn’t be too hard to find a red dress. Luckily, red and navy are easy colors to find when shopping for clothing items, whether you are shopping on the Square or searching on the internet. Although we dislike these hot games, it’s easy to slip on a dress and hit the Grove, unlike the late-fall games where you have to dress for both warmth and fashion.

“Groving” and game days are long and require a ton of walking. You never want to get in a situation in which you cannot walk any farther because those fabulous shoes that look so cute just hurt so badly – we’ve all been there. Honestly, the tall, cute wedges or heels are not worth it. Save them for a night when you’re just going to dinner and don’t have to walk from tent to tent 20 different times. Wear your comfortable wedges, cute sandals or even boots. Being comfortable will keep you happy throughout this long, exhausting day.

Let’s talk about this clear purse nonsense. At first, I was distraught at the thought that I couldn’t bring my fashionable purses to the Grove and thought a clear purse would destroy my outfit. However, after the first game, I have realized the clear purses aren’t that bad. It’s interesting to see all the different types of clear bags. Some girls even had their initials monogrammed on their purse. I have no idea where you get that done, but props to y’all. If you don’t have a clear purse yet, do not panic.  I have seen them all over the Square and in all kinds of different styles.

Mississippi heat is the worst, and after walking around for hours, you will just want to find water because you are both physically and mentally dehydrated. To avoid that situation, before you leave the house, put a bottled water in that clear purse and go. Also, since tomorrow is an early game, the sun will be intense, which is why sunglasses are essential to a cute and comfortable game day outfit.

The most important part of these fall Saturdays, though, is a good attitude. Don’t forget your spirit. Go Rebs!