Opinion: McDaniel will stand up to Washington elite

Posted on Mar 8 2018 - 5:54am by Will Hall

Since his election to the Mississippi state Senate in 2008, Chris McDaniel has proven himself as one of the nation’s most valiant defenders of constitutional liberties and God-given freedoms at the state level.

As recipient of the American Conservative Union’s Award for Conservative Excellence in 2016 and two 100 percent scores from that organization’s independent ranking of legislators in 2014 and 2015, Sen. McDaniel has never backed away from a fight. He championed the Student Religious Liberties Act and even led counsel in a lawsuit against the federal government targeting Obamacare’s individual mandate in an effort to bring an end to that disaster.

While Sen. McDaniel was fighting for the rights of average Mississippians, Sen. Roger Wicker sat in the Washington swamp. He supported Obama’s disastrous budgets, cut checks from big-time lobbyists and took interviews with his friend, Sen. Cory Booker, in which they agreed that the state flag of Mississippi should be lowered, against the wishes of the majority of Mississippi voters.

In the week since Sen. McDaniel announced his run for U.S. Senate, the Washington machine has already launched a vicious smear campaign trying to paint Sen. McDaniel as an avowed enemy of President Donald Trump, while, in reality, he’s the exact opposite.

It is those in the Washington swamp who pose the largest threat to the president and his agenda, for they are controlled by Sen. Mitch McConnell rather than the silent majority of Americans.

I know Sen. McDaniel and I can say without a shadow of a doubt that there is nobody who will work harder for the people of Mississippi than he will.

I encourage all people to take some time to discover the real Sen. McDaniel and not fall victim to the disgusting lies spread by the Washington establishment. I know that when they do, they will discover a man who is truly worthy of this distinguished office.

It’s about time we all stood up to Sen. McConnell and the Washington elite by sending one of our own to get some real work done. I know that when Sen. McDaniel gets elected to the Senate, he’ll do more in one term for the people of Mississippi than Sen. Wicker could do in 10.

Will Hall is a junior journalism major from Atlanta.