Word on the Street: What are your plans for Valentine’s Day?

Posted on Feb 13 2018 - 7:27pm by Jacqueline Schlick

What are your plans for Valentine’s Day?



Photo by: Jacqueline Schlick

The library. It’s test week.”

Cierra Ray, a senior anthropology major from Flowood


Photo by: Jacqueline Schlick

“When is Valentine’s Day?”

Mary Lacy Lusk, a freshman biology major from Elba, Alabama


Photo by: Jacqueline Schlick

“I’m starting to celebrate early, beginning tonight. Me and my girlfriend are going to eat tonight to avoid the chaos tomorrow. She has something planned for tomorrow, so I’m excited for that.”

Alexis Rhoden, a senior journalism major from West Point


Photo by: Jacqueline Schlick

“I’m giving out valentines.”

Kelvin Carson, a sophomore psychology major from Shaw


Photo by: Jacqueline Schlick

“I’m going out with my best friend. We’ll probably go eat. I have an exam on Valentine’s Day and the day after.”

Ieshia Mosley, a senior managerial finance major from Horn Lake


Photo by: Jacqueline Schlick

“I have five tests this week, so Valentine’s Day is going to be my day I buy candy for an adrenaline rush.”

Perla Viveros, a senior banking and finance major from Batesville