Is monogamy realistic?

Graphic by Sedley Normand. With the month of love behind us and grocery store aisles full of heart-shaped chocolates, rose bouquets and stuffed animals being replaced with the next holiday season’s decorations, it is easy to reflect on what Valentine’s Day promotes and its place in a modern age where...

Being Black on campus

Thirteen years in public school. Years of bad lunch, eating cardboard pizza crust smothered in Elmer’s glue — I mean tomato paste. Years of the funniest lunch table discussions, despite the unappealing cuisine. Years relishing my English and history classes and dreading math period.  A time when what are trifles...

Cut it out: I am NOT my hair

Bre’Anna Coleman enjoys spending time walking on nature trails around Oxford. She is pictured here on the walking trail behind the University Museum. Photo by HG Biggs. Having 4C texture hair, a descriptor used to determine the tightness of a curl pattern, as a Black woman doesn't get you welcomed...

When will it end?

On a late January evening, Tyre Nichols was pulled over just minutes from his Memphis home. According to officers, he was maneuvering in a reckless manner. What should have been a quick stop turned into the worst abuse of power many of us have witnessed.  The officers passionately beat Nichols....

Equality vs. Equity

Graphic by Libby Flanagan. Equality is a hefty topic of conversation in the world, with leaders and activists constantly discussing how we can go about increasing equality in politics, education, health, etc. What is often missing from this conversation, however, is what equality really means. Equality is defined as the...

ChatGPT: The Modern Calculator

Graphic by Libby Flanagan. With the start of a new semester, we welcome back the challenges and assignments that we said goodbye to over the holiday break. These challenges and assignments will of course be remedied with traditional resources such as textbooks, quizlets, sparknotes, etc. They will also have to...

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