Why College?

EDITOR’S NOTE: Why college is a monthly column that explores the layered decision of pursuing higher education. It explains the dynamics that divide the conversation in many communities. In this installment, Opinion Editor Justice Rose interviews senior marketing major Palace Roby. Fundamentally, there may be something wrong with how we...

Self-Care isn’t selfish

Traditional American society is built around work ethic, ambition and paving your own way in life. The American Dream, right? This has long led to a decreased focus on health and self care, opting instead for longer work hours and guilty consciences. Growing up, we are taught that time spent...

Legal deserts in Mississippi

Mississippi politicians have a long history with legal practice. Many elected officials and lobbyists have prior experience in the legal field; however, the “Legal Deserts Index” found that Mississippi currently ranks 44th in the nation in lawyers per 1,000 citizens. For this reason, Mississippi is considered a “legal desert.”  Legal...

Diary of A Black Girl: Bre’Anna Coleman

EDITOR’S NOTE: Diary of a Black Girl is a monthly column focusing on the experiences of Black women at the University of Mississippi. In this installment, Opinion Editor Justice Rose interviews sophomore political science major Bre’Anna Coleman. Bre'Anna Coleman. Transitioning from Drew, Miss., to Oxford for my freshman year was...

What to make of the Jackson Water Crisis

Since late July, Jackson has been under a boil water notice. On Aug. 29, Gov. Tate Reeves gravely announced that Jackson would be without clean, running water indefinitely. In the following days, President Joe Biden declared the water crisis a federal state of emergency. The water pressure waned so much...

What’s up, Wingstop?

Wingstop has quickly become one of my favorite spots to frequent, although there is nothing remarkable or outstanding about the franchise.  The service is more or less the same one would expect from a fast food joint. I’d say the wings and authentic atmosphere are primary draws of business. The...

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