What does the NPHC need?

Ole Miss is nationally renowned for its vibrant Greek life, consistently placing in the top five on many websites that rank colleges by sorority and fraternity culture. Graduates say the best years of their lives happen at Ole Miss, and they create lasting relationships with those they cross paths with...

Online betting: the gambler’s e-cigarette

Graphic by Milo Gildea. Online betting allows users to place bets on things like sporting event outcomes anywhere that their phone has internet access. With Delaware, Nevada and New Jersey starting the wave of online gambling legalization, Mississippi is now taking strides to follow suit. Last week, the Mississippi House...

Mississippi politics in 2024: things to look out for

Graphic by Milo Gildea. If American politics are in uncharted territory in 2024, Mississippi politics aren’t too far off. Problematic Republican governor? Check. Right-wing idealism steadily increasing in all areas of the bureaucracy? Check. An unnecessary, misled attack on diversity efforts in an evolving educational landscape? Check. Failing infrastructure in...

Then, Now and Soon: Welcome to Black History Month

In the United States today, Black history is a contentious topic. It has been attacked through recent legislative acts in Florida and many other states that discourage the teaching of Black history and African American studies, labeling these courses as “divisive” and as “critical race theory.” What's more, Mississippi’s implementation...

Diet culture eats away at lives

At the start of the new year, resolutions run rampant and gym memberships are purchased with the best of intentions. However, New Year’s resolutions have a tendency of being unrealistic, which leads to them inevitably fizzling out and leaving us feeling disappointed. Some of the most difficult goals to reach...

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