UM faculty members release statement calling for ‘full representation’ of non-tenure-track faculty on Senate

Posted on Feb 23 2018 - 7:54am by members of UM faculty

A statement was released by university faculty members calling on tenured and tenured-track faculty to “use their relative positions of power to actively support their non-tenure-track faculty colleagues” who want full representation in the Faculty Senate. The statement has collected 144 signatures thus far. Fifty-six percent of the signatures are from tenured or tenure-track faculty and 44 percent are from non-tenure-track faculty. Read the full statement and see the signatures below:

Statement on Non-Tenure-Track Faculty and Shared Governance

We are calling on tenured and tenure-track faculty (T/TTF) at the University of Mississippi to use their relative positions of power to actively support their non-tenure-track faculty (NTTF) colleagues who are advocating for full representation in the Faculty Senate. To do so means listening to, collaborating with, and amplifying the voices of NTTF faculty in our own departments and across campus, including the Task Force for Non-Tenure-Track Faculty and Shared Governance (formed in September 2016).

There are roughly 600 NTTF members at our university. Faculty Senate seats are currently allocated based solely on departmental T/TTF numbers, and NTTF are explicitly excluded from serving on that body. NTTF are thus the only people at the university who do not have access to shared governance.

While the university’s core values statement highlights promoting “inclusiveness in its student body, faculty, and staff,” fostering “a civil community of shared governance,” and honoring “the dignity of all employees,” the current exclusion of NTTF members from shared governance undercuts our ability to live up to our mission.

Nationally, about 70% of university faculty are in contingent positions. Our ratio is more balanced: NTTF and T/TTF each comprise approximately half of our academic personnel, though NTTF teach nearly 60% of the student credit hours on our Oxford, Jackson, and regional campuses. While we all share serious concerns about the eroding of tenure lines on national and local levels, the existence of NTTF at our university is our reality. Ignoring our NTTF — in terms of both their talents and their concerns — does not change that reality and only reifies their isolation and maltreatment.

Our continued exclusion of NTTF from shared governance also runs counter to our peer institutions: currently, 88% of public R1 universities include NTTF in some way in shared governance. Furthermore, the scholarship on shared governance is clear: a single, unified body that incorporates all faculty equally, including both tenure- and non-tenure-line and full- and part-time faculty, results in not only a stronger shared governance body with an established, united voice but also the dissolution of departmental and status-based silos that proliferate across universities.

The Faculty Senate recently heard a proposal from the Task Force for full inclusion of NTTF in its body. The comments offered in response to this proposal at the January meeting came from a small percentage of the Senators but were overwhelmingly negative. Additionally, the Senate’s current plan for drafting a resolution unequivocally removes part-time faculty from all considerations and appears to suspend substantive input from NTTF about their own university lives.

We believe that a truly united faculty body makes us a stronger faculty body. When we fail to practice genuinely shared governance, we undermine university values, exacerbate inequities that affect NTTF disproportionately, and render invisible the labor and talents of half our faculty members. Moreover, we should strive for a more civil and fair workplace for everyone at our university, especially our most vulnerable colleagues. We accordingly call on T/TTF, especially, to use their status to work towards the common good.

Studies have consistently demonstrated that faculty working conditions are student learning conditions; in particular, contingent faculty members’ poor working conditions negatively affect student retention and completion rates. We therefore hope that T/TTF across our university will rally to support the full inclusion of NTTF in a unified Faculty Senate. A step towards improving NTTF working conditions is a step towards living up to our highest principles.

The Undersigned University of Mississippi Faculty Members:

Kim Adcock

 Professor, Pharmacy Practice

Joseph B. Atkins

Professor, Meek School of Journalism

Sarah Baechle

Assistant Professor, English

Jordan Ballou

Clinical Assistant Professor, Pharmacy Practice

Linda Cristal Mota Batiz

Instructional Assistant Professor, Biology

Tiffany Bensen

Instructional Associate Professor, Biology

Monika Bhagat-Kennedy

Assistant Professor, English

Lauren Bloodworth

Clinical Associate Professor, Pharmacy Practice

Javier F. Boyas

Associate Professor, Social Work

Lindy Brady

Assistant Professor, English

Joshua Brinlee

Assistant Professor, Art & Art History

Carol Britson

Instructional Associate Professor, Biology

Luanne Buchanan

Instructional Associate Professor, Modern Languages

Donna Allyn Buckley

Instructional Assistant Professor, Theatre Arts

Jenny Bucksbarg

Instructor, Writing & Rhetoric

Gretchen Bunde

Instructor, Writing & Rhetoric

Jason Burton

Assistant Professor / Lead STEM Librarian, University Libraries

Anne M. Cafer

Assistant Professor, Sociology & Anthropology

Brad Campbell

Instructor / Director of the Oxford Writing Center, Writing & Rhetoric

Ellie Campbell

Reference & Instruction Law Librarian, Grisham Law Library

Kate Centellas

Croft Associate Professor, Sociology & Anthropology / Croft Institute for International Studies

Daisy T. Cheng

Associate Professor / Senior Catalog Librarian, University Libraries

Emily Cooley

Instructor, Writing & Rhetoric

Robert Cummings

Associate Professor, Writing & Rhetoric / Executive Director of Academic Innovation, Provost

Courtney Davis

Clinical Associate Professor, Pharmacy Practice

Marco M. DeVera

Instructor, Intensive English Program

Laura Dixon

Assistant Professor, Psychology

Le’Trice Donaldson 

Instructor, African American Studies

Max Doolittle

Instructional Assistant Professor, Theatre Arts

Carey Bernini Dowling

Instructional Assistant Professor / Advising Coordinator, Psychology

Conor Dowling

Associate Professor, Political Science

Erin Drew

Assistant Professor, English

Leigh Anne Duck

Associate Professor, English

Chip Dunkin

Lecturer, Writing & Rhetoric

JoAnn Edwards

Instructor of Speech / Director of Forensics, Writing & Rhetoric

Antonia Eliason

Assistant Professor, School of Law

Cristin Ellis

Associate Professor, English

Michelle Emanuel

Professor / Head of Metadata & Digital Initiatives, University Libraries

Robbie Ethridge

Professor, Sociology & Anthropology

Beth Ann Fennelly

Professor, English

Ann Fisher-Wirth

Professor / Director of the Minor in Environmental Studies, English

Shanna Flaschka

Adjunct Instructor, Writing & Rhetoric

Laurie Fleming

Clinical Associate Professor, Pharmacy Practice

B. Brian Foster

Assistant Professor, Sociology & Anthropology / Southern Studies

Ryan Garrick

Assistant Professor, Biology

Amy Gibson

Professor / Research & Instruction Librarian, University Libraries

Melissa Ginsburg

Assistant Professor, English

Gary Glick

Assistant Professor, Psychology

Wendy Goldberg

Core Lecturer, Writing & Rhetoric

Denis Charles Goulet

Instructional Professor, Biology

Cathy Grace

Adjunct Instructor, Geology & Geological Engineering

Angela Green

Writing Enriched Curriculum Lecturer, Writing & Rhetoric

Darren Grem

Assistant Professor, History / Southern Studies

Stuart T. Haines

Professor / Director of Pharmacy Professional Development, Pharmacy Practice

Charlsie Haire

Adjunct Instructor, Writing & Rhetoric / Intensive English Program

Jaime Harker

Professor, English

Meredith Harper

Adjunct Instructor, Writing & Rhetoric

William S. Hays

Adjunct Instructor, Writing & Rhetoric

Michael Lance Herrington

Instructor / Coordinator of Instructional Services, Intensive English Program

Alison Hitch

Instructor, Writing & Rhetoric

Shari Hodges Holt

Instructional Associate Professor, English

Kate Hooper

Lecturer of Speech, Writing & Rhetoric

Neal Hutchens

Professor and Interim Chair, Higher Education

Evelyn F. Jackson

Instructor, Biology

Jennifer Jackson

Instructor, Writing & Rhetoric

Gregory Alan Johnson

Associate Professor / Blues Curator, University Libraries

Kirk A. Johnson

Associate Professor, Sociology & Anthropology

Laura R. Johnson

Associate Professor, Pyschology

Rachel Johnson

Instructor / Director of the Tupelo Writing Center, Writing & Rhetoric

Ashley Jones-Bodie

Assistant Professor / Communication Across the Curriculum Coordinator, Writing & Rhetoric

Zachary Kagan Guthrie

Assistant Professor, History

Savannah L. Kelly

Assistant Professor / Research & Instruction Librarian, University Libraries

Tracy Lynn Case Koslowski

Lecturer / Associate Director, Intensive English Program

Guy Krueger

Core Lecturer, Writing & Rhetoric

Kiese Laymon

Professor, English

Kate Lechler

Adjunct Instructor, English

Seung Cheol Lee

Assistant Professor, Sociology & Anthropology

Jennie Lightweis-Goff

Instructor, English

Anne Marie Liles

Clinical Associate Professor, Pharmacy Practice

Alexandra Lindgren-Gibson

Assistant Professor, History

Kellye Makamson

Instructor, Writing & Rhetoric

Rebecca Marchiel

Assistant Professor, History

Briana O’Riordan McCoy

Instructor, Writing & Rhetoric

Amy McDowell

Assistant Professor, Sociology & Anthropology

Kathryn McKee

Associate Professor, English / Southern Studies

Marcos Mendoza

Assistant Professor, Sociology & Anthropology

Stephanie E. Miller 

Assistant Professor, Psychology

Claire Mischker

Instructor / Director of the Graduate Writing Center, Writing & Rhetoric

Stephen Monroe

Assistant Professor and Chair, Writing & Rhetoric

Matthew Leigh Murray

Instructional Associate Professor, Sociology & Anthropology

Alice Johnston Myatt

Assistant Professor, Writing & Rhetoric

Aimee Nezhukumatathil

Professor, English

Amber Nichols-Buckley

Instructor, Writing & Rhetoric

Daniel Novak

Associate Professor, English

Daniel E. O’Sullivan

Professor and Chair, Modern Languages

Chris Offutt

Associate Professor, English

Sara Olsen

Adjunct Instructor, Writing & Rhetoric

Cecelia Parks

Assistant Professor / Research & Instruction Librarian, University Libraries

Catarina Passidomo

Assistant Professor, Sociology & Anthropology / Southern Studies

Velsie Pate

Instructor & Coordinator, Intensive English Program

René E. Pulliam

Associate Professor, Theatre Arts

Sujith Ramachandran

Assistant Professor, Pharmacy Administration

Karen Raber

Professor, English

Peter Reed

Associate Professor, English

Melissa Reilly

Clinical Assistant Professor, Pharmacy Practice

Melinda Rice 

Instructional Assistant Professor, History

Jarod Roll

Associate Professor, History

Chad W. Russell

Instructor / Assessment Coordinator, Writing & Rhetoric

Jennifer Elaine Sadler

Instructional Assistant Professor, Meek School of Journalism

Christopher Sapp

Associate Professor, Modern Languages

Dinorah Sapp

Lecturer, Intensive English Program / Global Engagement

Whitney Tudor Sarver

Instructional Assistant Professor / Senior Director of the Intensive English Program, Modern Languages / Global Engagement

Stefan E. Schulenberg

Professor, Psychology

Jodi Skipper

Associate Professor, Sociology & Anthropology

Sue Ann Skipworth

Instructional Assistant Professor, Political Science

Steven Skultety

Associate Professor and Chair, Philosophy & Religion

Regan Slater

Adjunct Instructor, Psychology

Carrie V. Smith

Instructional Associate Professor, Psychology

Rebekah Smith

Professor, Psychology

Todd Smitherman

Associate Professor, Psychology

John Sonnett

Associate Professor, Sociology & Anthropology

Jennifer Stollman

Instructor & Academic Director, Winter Institute

Kayla R. Stover

Associate Professor, Pharmacy Practice

Gail Stratton

Instructional Associate Professor, Biology

Cassie Swayze

Assistant Professor / Digital Assets Librarian, University Libraries

Peter Thilly

Visiting Assistant Professor, History

James M. Thomas (JT)

Assistant Professor, Sociology & Anthropology

Colleen Thorndike

Instructor, Writing & Rhetoric

Esteban E. Ureña-Benavides

Assistant Professor, Chemical Engineering

Ana Velitchkova

Croft Assistant Professor, Sociology & Anthropology / Croft Institute for International Studies

Jamie Wagner

Clinical Assistant Professor, Pharmacy Practice

Marc Watkins

Instructor, Writing & Rhetoric

Alex P. Watson

Associate Professor / Research & Instruction Librarian, University Libraries

Jay Watson

Howry Professor of Faulkner Studies / Professor, English

Sara Wellman

Assistant Professor, Modern Languages

Ian Whittington

Assistant Professor, English

Nancy L. Wicker

Professor, Art & Art History

Caroline Wigginton

Assistant Professor, English

Jessie Wilkerson

Assistant Professor, History / Southern Studies

Kelly G. Wilson

Professor, Psychology

Matthew R. Wilson

Assistant Professor, Theatre Arts

Sarah Bartlett Wilson

Instructor, Writing & Rhetoric

Peter Wood

Instructional Assistant Professor,Theatre Arts

Julie Wronski

Assistant Professor, Political Science