CBDB brings the boogie with signature Joyfunk beats, minimal structure

Posted on Sep 27 2017 - 8:00am by Jordyn Smith

Proud Larry’s will be overcome with funky tunes when jam band CBDB hits the stage this Thursday night.

This Alabama band brings a unique sound it describes as Joyfunk, a genre determined to keep the crowd boogying. Bass guitarist for the band, Mike Sinopole, described Joyfunk is positive, happy music. He said it’s a blend of these positive sounds and vibes, mixed with the group’s instinct to try to stay funky, that gets people dancing and moving.

Its self-made sound is a smooth mix of jazz, funk and rock ‘n’ roll that fuses the three into one electrifying jam. This Southern blend of ear-catching sounds makes it simply impossible to stand still.

This also isn’t CBDB’s first time in Oxford. It has a loyal fan base that always shows up ready for a good time. Sinopole said the band is excited to be back.

“We have a good crowd in Oxford,” he said. “So we always have a fun time there.”

The funky tunes of CBDB have become addicting. Its sound has spread across the country, and its fan base is soaring. CBDB released its third album, “The FAME EP,” in 2015. This new album, combined with its entertaining live shows, ignited its recent burst of supporters and fans.

But its sound isn’t the only thing that makes the band stand out; its passion to provide a live show free of structured planning is something with which fans have fallen in love. Sinopole said each band member has a combined mission to bring his own style and creativity to each show, similar to the band’s rock ‘n’ roll roots.

“We usually try to have a set list, but depending on the night and where we are playing, it can vary,” Sinopole said.

This free-flowing concert concept has allowed for variation that keeps CBDB’s fans engaged with its ever-changing and evolving live shows.

“We’re always down to change it up based on the crowd or how we’re feeling,” Sinopole said.

Sinopole said the band’s “call it as we go” attitude keeps its shows exciting, with new unexpected tunes, beats and songs appearing at any time.

“They put on an entertaining show,” senior biology major and dedicated fan Meg Rousseau said. “This will be my fourth time seeing them live in the last year, and they continue to keep the audience excited and interested. Plus, at a venue like Proud Larry’s, the energy of the band gets the energy of everyone up.”

With CBDB’s increased fan base comes the perk of the band performing more shows and tours. The group has played several music festivals in the last year, and Sinopole said his favorite part of performing is traveling around the country and seeing new places and fans.

Sinopole said one festival still sticks out in his mind: the Sloss Music and Arts Festival in Birmingham, Alabama.

“Sloss Fest was huge for us,” he said. “That was great to be able to play the big festival from our home state.”

Even though the band members love the variety of fans each show brings, Sinopole said, rocking out in their home state was a feeling like no other. CBDB continues to bring its groovy tunes, vivacious vibes and positive messages to each show, and this week at Proud Larry’s will be no different.

Doors open at 8 p.m. Sept. 28, and the show starts at 9 p.m. Tickets range from $8 to $10 and are available at proudlarrys.com.