Newly elected ASB officers sworn in during Friday ceremony

Posted on Apr 16 2018 - 5:02am by Taylor Vance

New Associated Student Body executive officers were officially sworn in Friday in front of the Lyceum to begin their terms for the 2018-2019 academic year.

Outgoing executive officers stood by the students who would succeed them and gave the incoming officers ASB lapel pins to symbolize the passing of the torch to these new campus leaders.

The new ASB Executive Officers are President Elam Miller, Vice President Walker Abel, Secretary Cady Cooper, Treasurer Jonathan Cox, Attorney General Katherine Sistrunk and Judicial Chair Alex Crouch.

The Associated Student Body inaugurated its newest members on Sunday. Photo by Christian Johnson

Chancellor Jeffrey Vitter gave the new student government leaders advice on how to best represent the student body and make the university a better place.

“I urge you to enjoy this moment, because you’re going to have to get to work pretty soon,” Vitter said. “I charge you now with directing your focus and energy on leading our students and continuing in improving our environment on campus.”

In his last speech as ASB President, Dion Kevin reflected on ASB’s accomplishments over the past year. Kevin specifically noted that ASB had established a productive relationship with the faculty, engaged the city of Oxford and its citizens and changed the school mascot to the landshark.

Kevin also gave kind remarks to incoming ASB President Elam Miller and charged Miller with the continuation of working to make the university a better place for all people.

“You are about to embark on a journey of self-discovery, but I’m here to say that I believe in all of you,” Kevin said. “Particularly, I believe in Elam Miller. Elam has dedicated three years to serving the student body, most recently as ASB vice president. He’s a talented negotiator, passionate ambassador and sympathetic advocate.”

Miller then took the stage and gave his first address to the university as ASB president, during which he reflected on his campaign motto, “Expect More,” and what it means for his presidency.

Elam Miller is sworn in as ASB President by former President Dion Kevin. The Associated Student Body inaugurated its newest members on Sunday. Photo by Christian Johnson

“… Whether that be expecting more opportunities for students who have been turned down from ASB before or expecting more access to shared concerns directly or expecting more collaboration between ASB branches and the student body,” Miller said.

Miller shared why he decided to run for ASB President and what he wants to accomplish.

“If I’ve learned anything (as vice president), it’s that each student at this university has unique opinions, ideas and concerns, and that ASB can be a great catalyst for what students want to see,” Miller said. “These needs and concerns from students are what motivated me to run for ASB president. I will do my absolute best to make sure every student has a voice in their student government.”

Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Brandi Hephner LaBanc also spoke at the ceremony and encouraged the ASB members to reflect on their successes and failures in order to grow and have a successful year.

“The Associated Student Body has a large role on our campus, and each of you maintains serious responsibilities in your positions,” Hephner LaBanc said. “I have very high expectations for today’s new leadership … leave this place a better place … (than) you found it.”

ASB executive officers will start serving in their new roles in the fall semester of 2018.

Jonathan Cox (left) celebrates after being inaugurated as ASB Treasurer. The Associated Student Body inaugurated its newest members on Sunday. Photo by Christian Johnson