Ole Miss hosts AmTryke race to benefit disabled veterans

Posted on Apr 23 2018 - 5:30am by The Daily Mississippian

The first-place team celebrates as their rider crosses the finish line. The race comprised 75 laps around the circle to benefit veterans. Photo by Christian Johnson

The University of Mississippi Department of Health, Exercise Science and Recreation Management hosted the third annual AmTrykes in Action Race, which benefits disabled veterans, this past Saturday on the Ole Miss campus.

Campus Police Officer Cooper joins in on the Amtrykes race on Saturday. The event benefited local veterans. Photo by Christian Johnson

Student and faculty teams raced 75 laps around the Lyceum Circle, a total distance of nearly 25 miles. Each team was made up of eight to 10 members who took turns racing modified tricycles called AmTrykes. At the end of the race, each team handed over its Tryke to a disabled veteran.

A competitor shows off his skills during the Amtrykes race on Saturday. Photo by Christian Johnson

A total of eight Trykes were donated, both to student veterans and veterans of north Mississippi.

Five went to individuals, and the remaining three Trykes were donated to the Student Veterans Association on campus to provide recreational outlets for its new facility, the Veterans Resource Center.

Modified tricycles were raced around the Circle 75 times on Saturday. The Amrykes race benefitted local veterans. Photo by Christian Johnson