Weekly playlist: Alternative ’90s hits

Posted on Sep 19 2017 - 7:59am by Alice McKelvey

Howdy, friends. Last week, I gave you guys a little taste of alternative ‘80s music, and this week, I’m back with an alternative session of the next decade: the ‘90s. In my opinion, it’s the best decade culturally and musically. Fashion was (arguably) at its peak, our pop culture was diverse and alternative music was becoming better known; not to mention yours truly was born in the mid-‘90s (shout out to those of us born in ’96).

My dad loved alternative music from the ‘90s, so I grew up listening to most of these songs. There’s some Pixies, Rage Against the Machine, Radiohead, Jimmy Eat World and a host of other classic hits in the playlist for this week. Check it out if you get a chance – I know you won’t regret it.