Weekly playlist: Hattiesburg punk

Posted on Oct 24 2017 - 8:00am by Alice McKelvey

Welcome back to part two of our Mississippi playlist. This installment features a few easy listening indie/rock tunes from bands like Oxford’s own Swear Tapes and Gulfport’s If I Die in Mississippi, but most are hard and quick punk jams from around the state. This playlist is chock full of bangers that’ll make you want to slam dance like no other. You wouldn’t really expect a podunk place like Mississippi to have a big punk scene — but boy do we have a good one. The punk hub for our state is stationed in Hattiesburg, with a handful of groups from Jackson and a few up north.

One reason why I really love the punk scene is the inclusivity. There are tons of female artists, queer artists and people of color at every show — and by God if those punks aren’t the nicest people you’ll ever meet.
Now I know punk music isn’t for everyone, but I really recommend listening to this playlist to broaden your scope of what “Mississippi music” is. We’ve got one of the best, most close-knit scenes in the country, and that’s worth celebrating. Check out this playlist, and maybe you’ll be riding down to Hattiesburg with me for the next show.