Word on the Street: Everybody’s Formal

Posted on Oct 11 2017 - 7:59am by Jacqueline Schlick

In this week’s Word on the Street, we hit the streets to find out who’s going to Everybody’s Formal Friday.

Photo by: Jacqueline Schlick

“I’m going because I’m a freshman and think it’s important to explore new things.”

Rohan Agrawal, a freshman computer science major from Central India

Photo by: Jacqueline Schlick

“No. I feel like though it’s titled ‘Everybody’s Formal,’ it’s really for everyone who is part of a certain circle. I don’t think many minority students are excited about it. It seems geared more toward people who are in fraternities and sororities.”

Megan Daniels, a senior social work major from Prentiss

Photo by: Jacqueline Schlick

“No. I haven’t even heard of it.”

Jenna Wescott, a freshman nursing major from St. Louis

Photo by: Jacqueline Schlick

“I didn’t plan on it, because I wasn’t aware it was happening. Now that I know about it, I’m considering going.”

Aundrilyn Evans, a sophomore exercise science major from Starkville

Photo by: Jacqueline Schlick

“As a senior, I think I’ll go just to have the most experiences I can before I graduate and to spend time with friends.”

Ben Salvador, a senior social work major from Naperville, Illinois

Photo by: Jacqueline Schlick

“I can’t go because of a rehearsal dinner, but I really wish I could, because it would be cool to meet people.”

Emma Baldwin, a freshman journalism major from Iuka