Word on the street: “What age did you stop believing in Santa and why?”

Posted on Nov 29 2017 - 7:59am by Jaqueline Schlick

One of the great joys of Christmas as a child is waking up to see all your presents under the tree, with tags marked “from Santa.” This bearded, red-coated mystery man brings happiness and Christmas cheer each December, but as children grow up, some start to question Kris Kringle’s existence. With Christmas approaching quickly, we took to the streets to find out when students began to have their doubts about jolly old Saint Nick.

*DISCLAIMER: The Daily Mississippian neither confirms nor denies the existence of Santa Claus. Any indication of such is not our intention. These are merely the opinions of the students interviewed.*


Photo by: Jacqueline Schlick

“I found out my parents were getting the gifts, but I kept believing in Santa because I just thought it would get me more gifts.”

Bernard Blissett, a senior journalism major from Southaven

Photo by: Jacqueline Schlick

“I was actually really late. I think I was either 11 or 12. I was very stubborn about it. I never believed my friends when they said Santa wasn’t real. I was like, ‘No Santa is real as long as he’s giving me presents.'”

Christina Hagel, a freshman undeclared major from Horn Lake

Photo by: Jacqueline Schlick

“Much later than I like to admit. I wanted to believe my parents wouldn’t lie to me and all other kids were just hopping on the non-believing bandwagon.”

Tyler Prince, a senior journalism major from Brandon

Photo by: Jacqueline Schlick

“When I was in fourth grade. Someone told me, and it was so sad.”

Kathleen Winslette, a sophomore communication sciences and disorders major from Canton, Georgia

Photo by: Jacqueline Schlick

“I stopped believing when I was 12. My cousins were at my house during Christmastime and told me he isn’t real. I asked my mom who it was giving me the gifts, and when she told me it was her all along, I told her she lied to me and asked what else wasn’t real. Found out the tooth fairy is fake the same day.”

Channin Smith, a sophomore journalism major from Pontotoc