ASB presidential candidates Elam Miller, Wister Hitt; secretary candidates continue to Thursday’s runoff

Posted on Mar 7 2018 - 12:01am by Taylor Vance

Associated Student Body candidates and their supporters gathered anxiously outside of the Lyceum last night to hear the executive officer election results.

After the more than 4,000 votes were counted, the officers elected were Walker Abel for vice president, Jonathan Cox for treasurer, Alex Crouch for judicial chair and Katherine Sistrunk for attorney general.

The presidential election ended in a two-way tie. The candidates who will be in the runoff are Elam Miller and Wister Hitt. The election was a close race, with Miller receiving 36.34 percent of the vote and Hitt getting 35.63 percent of the vote. For secretary, write-in candidates Cady Cooper, who garnered 44.99 percent of the vote, and Reagan Moody, who received 31.89 percent of the vote, will also be on the ballot.

Elam Miller (second from left) and his supporters react to the announcement of Miller advancing to the runoff election. The runoff will be held on Thursday on the Lyceum steps. Photo by Billy Schuerman

Miller said he’s grateful to be in the runoff and will continue to share his ideas of transparency and allowing everyone to be involved in ASB leading into the runoff.

“I was nervous, but I’m excited,” Miller said. “There’s a lot of great candidates that ran for the election. I’m excited I made it (to the runoff), and I’m excited so many students have seen the platform.”

Hitt said he plans to do what he’s already done to prepare for the runoff and share his message of unity and respect.

“It’s an honor to be here in the runoff,” Hitt said. “I hope over the next 48 hours, the energy level and the passion we’ve shown will increase.”

Secretary candidate Cady Cooper said she was excited to make it to the runoff, especially as a write-in candidate.

“The runoff is an amazing opportunity,” Cooper said. “I’m going to get a lot of sleep, wake up early, get excited for the day and keep this energy going to prepare for the runoff.”

Her opponent, Reagan Moody, said she was pleased with the results and plans to regroup with her team to prepare for the runoff.

“It’s nice to take a breath, but I plan on getting the team regrouped for the runoff,” Moody said.

Judicial chair candidate Alex Crouch won the election with 60.15 percent of the vote against his opponent, Bea Tisher.

“No matter what, our community won tonight,” Crouch said. “The first thing I’m doing is starting to meet with all the key stakeholders (of the Judicial Council). First things first is to promote community wellness and accelerate the two-strike policy.”

Attorney general candidate Katherine Sistrunk won her election with 68.12 percent of the vote against her opponent, Austin Fiala.

Wister Hitt and his supporters react after his name is called to be in the run-off for ASB president on the Lyceum steps Tuesday. The run-off results against Elam Miller will be announced Thursday night on the Lyceum steps. Photo by Marlee Crawford

“I’m excited and very humbled tonight,” Sistrunk said. “I’ve been talking to our vice president-elect, Walker Abel, and we really want to get together … and enact the Student Voice Commission.”

According to the ASB Constitution and Code, the Student Voice Commission is a “standing commission that is used to gather public opinion throughout the student body on various issues.”

Vice presidential candidate Walker Abel also won his race unopposed and said his main focus upon inauguration is to work with the Attorney General-elect Sistrunk.

“Something we want to reactivate is the Student Voice Commission,” Abel said. “It’s something that’s in the Code and Constitution, but we didn’t do much of this year. I think that’s the first step in bridging that proverbial gap between the students and ASB.”

Treasurer Jonathan Cox won the election unopposed and said he is excited to get back to work as treasurer.

“I’m honored to have the position,” Cox said. “I’m super excited to see what the university does and see what students do on campus.”

Current Attorney General Dillon Pitts said the turnout was decent and the election went well.

“I’m very pleased with the campaigns and look forward to seeing the results for the runoff,” Pitts said.

Voting for the runoff election will take place Thursday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., and students will vote through MyOleMiss just as they did yesterday.