Birdland All-Stars kick off Ford Center’s live jazz series tonight

Posted on Feb 5 2018 - 7:52am by Madeline Isenhower

The Birdland All-Stars with Tommy Igoe will provide tonight’s audience at the Ford Center with a thrilling jazz performance.

The Birdland All-Stars: The Art of Jazz featuring Tommy Igoe will visit Oxford as part of a 25-city tour. The concert will begin at 7:30 p.m. tonight at the Ford Center.

This recent “jazz series” is the first of its kind at the Ford Center. The series was created in hopes of providing students and the community with an opportunity to come see live performances of jazz and gain exposure to this style of music.

“We want to expose students to things they have not seen before,” said Kate Meacham, marketing director at the Ford Center. “Not all students have had the opportunity to see live performing arts.”

This live performance by the Birdland All-Stars is a great way to come and experience jazz in a setting that is affordable and educational, Meacham said. She said she believes that students should value this important exposure to live arts.

“I feel that live performances are important for two reasons. The first is that it provides an opportunity for music students to experience different styles and techniques outside of their area of study,” Meacham said. “The second, and the one I feel most strongly about, applies to all students, because it provides an opportunity to see jazz live and engage in something new.”

Composed of some of the best musicians in New York, the Birdland All-Stars will stop in Oxford in the midst of their first tour on the road in five years. They have been busy for the past decade performing at “The Jazz Corner of the World.” Featured in their performance will be Tommy Igoe, a famous drummer based out of San Francisco.

The performance will include pieces that are modern and familiar, including selections from artists including David Bowie, Herbie Hancock and Chick Corea.

Chris DiGirolamo, the group’s publicist, described the performance as being an “evening of rambunctious musical and artistic creativity.” DiGirolamo praised Igoe as one of the greatest drummers in the world and highlighted his achievements, such as being featured on three Grammy award-winning records.

Senior integrated marketing communications major Cassandra Mohr said she plans on attending the event. Mohr said she is excited to attend the concert because it is her first time hearing a live jazz performance.

“I have been to lots of concerts and musical performances over the years,” Mohr said. “I have a wide variety of music I enjoy listening to. Large concerts or music festivals is what I tend to gravitate towards. Getting to see the Birdland All-Stars will be a change of style and pace, and I am grateful Ole Miss provides students with opportunities like this on our campus at an affordable price.”