Homecoming personality elections campaigning begins

Posted on Sep 10 2017 - 9:44pm by John Touloupis

Student candidates for personality elections and Associated Student Body leaders gathered in Lamar 131 Sunday night to review the final rules and regulations for the upcoming personality elections.

The meeting, led by ASB Attorney General Dillon Pitts kicked off the 2017 campaign season for these elections.

The meeting focused on the many details of campaign rules, ranging from limitations on signs and posters around campus, what campaign tools must be reported in expense accounts and the acceptable use of mass group messages, emailing and texting students.

Pitts said he has been working with the special election committee and other student groups to prepare for the election.

“The big thing is just getting all your ducks in a row with the university and making sure everything is allowed, things like reserving spaces and the correct rules and the correct way to go about things,” Pitts said.

Two students will be in the running for Miss Ole Miss – Jiwon Lee Savannah Smith – and another two are running for Homecoming Queen –Christina Lawler and Alexis Smith. Six candidates are running for Mr. Ole Miss – Tucker Fox, Terrence Johnson, Paul Lee, Cody Letchworth, Brady Ruffin and Chancellor Zaugg.

With a larger number of candidates running, Pitts said he hopes they will promote the election around campus and turn out more than 10,000 votes.

“Hopefully they will campaign really hard and reach students that usually aren’t reached and branch out more,” Pitts said.

Pitts said his office added an additional week of campaigning this year and will hold a meet and greet with the candidates Wednesday at the Overby Center.

Deputy Attorney General Loden Snell said he will help Pitts oversee the many rules and regulations.

“I’ll cover for Dillon when he’s in class or there’s a lot going on,” Snell said. “We just want to make sure everyone runs a smooth, clean campaign.”

Reed Ashton Kevin, director of communications for ASB, will work with Pitts to promote the elections in a positive manner.

“We want to promote ethical campaigning for the sake of adhering to the Creed and hopefully nurturing a positive, uplifting campaign season in contrast to some of the negativity that has been seen before,” Kevin said.

The campaign season will also look different this year.

ASB has extended the election day voting times, which now will run from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Students can vote on their myOleMiss accounts under the “Get Involved” tab and then “Vote in Student Elections.”

“I hope that the candidates will reach out to all members of our student population in efforts to truly represent the student body,” Kevin said. “I also encourage all students to speak to the candidates while they are campaigning on Business Row and ask them about the title they are pursuing.”

Together, Pitts, Kevin and the special elections commission said they are ready for the upcoming weeks and are excited to crown the winners.

“It’s very hard to be in the spotlight the entire time during the campaign, but I hope the candidates will stay positive and do the right thing and, win or lose, do what’s best for the university,” Pitts said.

All of the candidate include:

Homecoming Queen:

Christina Lawler

Alexis Smith

Miss Ole Miss:

Jiwon Lee

Savannah Smith

Mr. Ole Miss

Tucker Fox

Terrence Johnson

Paul Lee

Cody Letchworth

Brady Ruffin

Chancellor Zaugg

Campus favorites:

Nekkita Beans

Caroline Block

Clifton Carroll

Mary Morgan Coburn

Rashad Collier

Phaedra Craig

Lindsay Dawson

Hayley Day

Olivia Dear

Seth Dickinson

Anne Claire Dunn

Bradyn Eaves

Christopher Feazell

Dale Hall

Rachel Hill

Katie Harrison

LeeAnn Ignozzi

Daniel Kennedy

Cody Letchworth

Megan McLeod

Chauncey Mullins

Alexis Neely

Eliza Neely

Bill Pringle

Natalie Ried

Jocelyn Roby

CiCi Rutherford

Morgan Stanley

Adeline Turner

Ingrid Valbuena

Amy Walker

Zoë Windham

Bailey Younger

Freshman maid:

Jasmine Bean

Kyndall Bertrand

Savannah Correro

Abbie Grant

Ayo Williams

Sophomore maid:

Makenzie Day

Arielle Hudson

Arianna Marshall

Madison McCay

Malika Ross

Scout “Marie” Treadwell

Junior maid:

Mary Payne Dillard

Hartlee Gabbert

Lauren Johnson

Haley Williams

Senior maid:

Marlee Sue Bradley

Autumn Lewis

Madison Phillips

Morgan Stanley