Weekly podcast: Football, Freeze, facts

Posted on Sep 1 2017 - 8:04am by Ethel Mwedziwendira

Last week, in my inaugural weekly podcast, I introduced five podcasts all of different topics, from a podcast that talks about romance and marriage issues to one that highlights the importance of investigative journalism. This week, I’m tackling football (pun intended). For the football season opener, I interviewed my boys at the sports and news desk and compiled a list of must-listen sports podcasts. See if your favorite podcast made the list.


Photo courtesy: ESPN

Design editor Ethel Mwedziwendira – 30 for 30 Podcast:

Introduced as an audio medium in June, ESPN’S “30 for 30” podcast series has gained audiences of all interests, especially viewers who watch its popular documentary series. The first season launched not too long ago, hosted by famous podcast host Jody Avrigan and a team of in-house producers. To me, nothing beats conversation. A personal favorite of mine has been the “What Carter Lost” episode, which tells a story of a high school scandal that affected a community.  Whether you’ve got a minute in the morning or a nine-hour drive ahead of you, I highly recommend this podcast.

Oxford Exxon Podcast

Photo courtesy: Podbean

Sports editor Grayson Weir – The Oxford Exxon Podcast:

In this weekly podcast, Ole Miss sports analysts Chase Parham and Neal McCready sit down and discuss the biggest headlines out of the athletic department. Addressing news like the Hugh Freeze scenario, NCAA investigation, all the way down to the best light beer, the duo talks to each other exactly how you and your buddies do every night on the couch. They keep it light, conversational and relevant, and by the end of the hour (sometimes an hour and a half), you’re entirely caught up.

Photo courtesy: Podcast One

Assistant news editor John Touloupis – Pardon My Take:

My favorite sports podcast is Barstool Sport’s “Pardon My Take,” hosted by Big Cat and PFT Commenter. Together the duo blends a mix of dry, cynical humor in with relevant interviews with famous athletes like J.J. Watt and Mike Tyson, reporters like Matthew Berry or hilarious personalities like Michael Rapaport. I love how seriously they don’t take themselves, and their podcast is wildly entertaining as they run through different segments. My personal favorite is Mount Rushmore season, where the hosts power-rank topics such as breakfast cereal, nerds, bald guys, dad attire and life lessons. If you’re looking for a break from the constant ESPN news cycles, this podcast is a great change of pace that will definitely have you laughing the entire time.

Photo courtesy: fivethirtyeight.com

Sports editor Sam Harres – 538’s Hot Takedown

I really enjoy 538’s “Hot Takedown.” Each week, they bring together a couple of smart people to discuss sports from a statistical perspective. They take controversial points and back them up with facts, and through their analysis, they cut fans’ emotional connection with players and teams to reveal true data trends. They bring an interesting perspective to everything from the NBA to water polo. It’s a pretty funny podcast, and it’s typically a full hour of content. I usually turn it on as I shower in the mornings and finish it on my drive to school, providing me a great segue into my morning intermediate accounting class.

Use these suggestions to make your morning commute a touchdown. You’re welcome.