Weekly playlist: Sad boi central

Posted on Sep 5 2017 - 8:00am by Alice McKelvey

Hello, hello.  How about them Rebs, huh? A pretty great weekend for our first game, not to mention Monday’s Labor Day holiday. While I love Labor Day (and really any holiday that will get us out of school), it is worth mourning that it is our last holiday until Thanksgiving. That’s 11 weeks, folks. So this week I put together a little playlist that will help you brood the next 11 weeks of class without a break. We’ve got some Daniel Johnston, some Jordaan Mason and the Horse Museum, Told Slant and more. Next week, I’ll be back with some happier tunes, but for now, enjoy this sad boi playlist and wear lots of black so that maybe the administration will feel bad for us and give us that fall break we desperately need.