Weekly podcast roundup: Ghosts, ghouls, goodbyes

Posted on Oct 12 2017 - 8:01am by Ethel Mwedziwendira

This week, on my Halloween-themed roundup, I dove into the realm of paranormal activity. October is the perfect time to immerse yourself in spooky stories, and here are some podcasts for fans of the paranormal. Listen at your own risk.

‘Anything Ghost’

Photo courtesy: Podtail

Since 2006, Lex Wahl has curated the readings of paranormal experiences submitted by listeners. These stories are chilling to the bone, sometimes too chilling. Wahl inserts effects throughout the show that enhance it, making it feel realistic. Each show is roughly an hour and is comprised of three short stories about paranormal activities people have experienced. On this week’s episode, he tells three stories of pacing ghosts, spirits of two little girls and a haunted hotel in Colorado. A special guest on this week’s show recounts her experience with spirits. One encounter she had at the age of 13 was so startling that she could hear the spirit gliding down the hallway at night. The frequent visits from spirits were from her aunt, who had come to say goodbye to her. The stories told are nicely composed and are available every week.

‘Jim Harold’s Campfire’

Photo courtesy: Stitcher

‘Jim Harold’s Campfire’ features true stories about people who have encountered paranormal activities, from ghost stories to UFO sightings. The production has been around for almost a decade, and 45 minutes a week isn’t enough time to hear about these encounters. Listeners call into the show from across the globe at least once a week, and some episodes are scarier than others. A suggested episode is episode 317, in which a listener calls in and  details her encounter with a ghost in New Orleans.

‘Mysterious Radio’

Photo courtesy: PlayerFM

At first, I had been skeptical about the realness of alien sights and spirits, but this podcast proved me wrong. If you listen to “Jim Harold’s Campfire,” then you might enjoy “Mysterious Radio.” “Mysterious Radio” brings a discussion of everything paranormal, conspiracy, cryptozoology and ancient radio. Every Sunday, hosted by K-Town, guests featured on the show are experts about “the paranormal” and myths or have an experience relating to the topic. These experts provide information to people who are unaware about spirits and have alien encounters. It gives you nitty-gritty details about these guests, and listeners are able to dive deep into the spooky world of paranormal.


Photo courtesy: Lore Podcast

All events featured on the podcast are based on real events. As the website mentions, “the truth is more frightening than fiction.” This biweekly podcast is hosted by Aaron Mahnke and examines historical events with a combination of fable. It’s a little creepy and is another scary podcast that can be listened to around the campfire. The podcast is different, as it doesn’t just tell vague ghost stories — it also details morbid stories about witches and serial killers.