Word on the street: World Peace Day

Posted on Sep 27 2017 - 8:00am by Jacqueline Schlick
In this week’s Word on the Street, students talked to The DM about World Peace Day which was recognized on Thursday, September 21. Students were asked, “How do you bring peace into the world every day?”

Photo by: Jacqueline Schlick

“I call people, friends and family just to check up on them. That makes a world of difference for them and me. If they have something going on, they can talk to me and vent and vice versa.” 

Ana Martinez, a journalism graduate student from Brandon

Photo by: Jacqueline Schlick

“I like to bring laughter and humor into situations that are heavy. Nothing should be taken too seriously.”

Courtney Triplett, a senior exercise science major from Honolulu


Photo by: Jacqueline Schlick

“Just being nice to people and helping where I can.”

Shelby Smith, a junior linguistics major from Olive Branch

Photo by: Jacqueline Schlick

“Peace is not something that should be just for one day but every day of the year. I believe the best way to give peace to people, the world and the community is for you to be at peace with yourself. What you never have you can never give.”

Kola Adenekan, a chemical engineering Ph.D. candidate from Lagos, Nigeria


Photo by: Jacqueline Schlick

“To build peace is not easy. It takes years and fighting and sadness and sorrows. That is when you understand the real value of peace and how expensive and valuable it is. If you don’t understand the value of peace, you will never hold on to it. The best thing is to fix things and do what is right.” 

Lightness Isojick, a Swahili teaching assistant from Tanzania


Photo by: Jacqueline Schlick

“Peace is something that should be a given, so I spread it by being respectful and kind to others. Trying to make the world a better place can be done just by being nice to others and those who are less fortunate.” 

Talia Jackson, a freshman criminal justice major from Waveland