Showcase your style at this year’s Double Decker

Posted on Apr 26 2018 - 5:51am by Mary Liz King

The Double Decker Festival is one of the biggest weekends in Oxford, and given the event’s popularity, it is important that attendees dress their best. New spring and summer trends are starting to emerge, and with it being the end of April, it is the perfect opportunity to showcase any new outfits and break out old summer favorites that were locked in the closet all winter.  Choosing a Double Decker outfit can require careful planning, and there are a few tips to keep in mind if you want to look super trendy this year.


Light colors are a huge trend this spring and summer.

A little light color adds a subtle touch to any outfit.  Light colors look great, and they aren’t over-the-top. A light-colored top with white jeans or white denim shorts can make the perfect springtime look, or a light-colored athletic shirt with khaki shorts makes a good option as well. Some of the colors that have stuck out this year on the runway include pastel pink, green, purple and yellow. These colors are also popping up in stores everywhere, making them super easy to find to add to your Double Decker outfit.


A good hat is a great addition to your Double Decker outfit.

A hat is the convenient way to make a statement with an accessory while keeping the sun out of your face.  Baseball caps, fedoras and straw hats are just a few options that can be super fashionable, yet still comfortable enough to wear all day. A good hat can be a great fashion element to incorporate, and the best thing of all about sporting a hat this year at Double Decker– you don’t even have to brush your hair.


Shoes are especially important when choosing Double Decker attire.  

Something cute yet comfortable is the goal, but it is often hard to find shoes that are both. The best move for Double Decker weekend is either sandals or sneakers. Sandals are a dressier look, but sometimes they can be a little uncomfortable after a long day of walking around. Birkenstocks are an excellent choice for still getting the sandal look, and they are comfortable enough to walk around in and wear all day. Another great option for a shoe is a sneaker. Sneakers can add a more relaxed vibe to an outfit, and they look just as cute with any outfit as sandals do.


Sunglasses are the most important accessory for a Double Decker outfit.

Sunglasses are essential to have on hand at Double Decker because the sun is beaming down on the festival the entire time, and there is little opportunity for shade. Large-framed sunglasses are a popular choice right now and are great for making a statement. Cat-eye shaped sunglasses are also a favorite for this spring and summer, and they are a cute way to achieve a unique look. Classic sunglasses have not gone out of style, however, and a pair of aviators still makes a great choice.  A decent pair of sunglasses can go a long way to keep you comfortable the entire day at the festival.


Whether you tend to go more dressy or casual, Double Decker weekend is the good time to showcase your style and break out those summer pieces that have been hanging up in the closet since late September.  Double Decker is such a fun opportunity to make a fashion statement, and everyone on the Square will be on the lookout trendy outfits that will be making their appearance this year.