Why baseball season is better than football season

Posted on Feb 23 2018 - 7:57am by Holly Hicks

As Oxford begins to warm up and the Ole Miss campus turns green again, Rebel fans everywhere know baseball season is about to begin. In addition to the changing seasons, it’s easy to highlight a few of the many reasons why baseball season is better than football season.

There are way more baseball games than football games

When baseball season kicks off, there are multiple games scheduled nearly every week. This provides ample opportunity for Rebel fans to make their way to Swayze Field. Baseball season boasts more than 30 games, whereas football season only has 12 games. More of a good thing is better, right?

Right field beer showers

Beer Shower

Students celebrate Will Golsan’s home run with a beer shower in right field. Ole Miss went on to beat No. 6 ECU, 5-4. (Photo by: Cameron Brooks)

When the Rebs hit a home run, students in right field throw their cups full of cheap beer into the air to celebrate. Nothing beats a forecast calling for beer showers, and nearly every baseball game has at least one. If you’re in right field, do not expect to stay completely dry, and be prepared to cover all of your valuables. No one likes a sticky phone.

Baseball is more unpredictable than football

In football, many games are pretty predictable. If the Cleveland Browns played the Philadelphia Eagles, the Eagles would not have to try too hard to win. When halftime comes around in football, fans can tell which team has a running chance and which team would need a miracle. Depending on the game, fans will leave the stadium during halftime to make their way back to the Grove. However, in baseball, fans know how delicate a lead can be; the slightest hiccup or mishandled ball could change the game at any point.

There is no running clock

Football has the disadvantage of playing against another team while simultaneously playing against time. Time is such a major factor in football, and often the expected outcome of the game can depend on how much time is left on the clock.  With baseball, you can take your sweet time.

Right field in general

Don’t get it wrong – the Grove is a magical place on Saturdays, and its reputation of being one of the greatest places in the county to tailgate football is more than accurate. There’s just something special about watching the Rebels play baseball while you’re sitting in a lawn chair in right field with your closest college buddies on one side and a cooler full of drinks on the other. Right field is a BYOB section, so needless to say, it can be a little more rambunctious than sitting in the Vaught’s stands.

It’s a free event for students

Football season is amazing and very memorable. What’s also memorable is that students have to pay more than $100 for season tickets, whereas the baseball games are free. College students do not typically have a lot of disposable income, which often leads to hardcore Rebel fans being hindered from attending football games. With baseball, students can relax in right field and not have to worry if they paid more for the season tickets than they would if they just bought them individually, like many students do during football season. Baseball is just more student-friendly, and that alone proves that Ole Miss baseball season is better than Ole Miss football season.