Kelley and Jesse Pinion return to Thacker 564 for Sunday brunch

Posted on Apr 13 2018 - 6:02am by Jordyn Smith

Thacker 564, one of the newer restaurants in Oxford, has already been busy with weekend events and this weekend is no different. Kelley and Jesse Pinion are scheduled to play a Sunday brunch set at 11 a.m at the restaurant.

This is not the first time the duo will play at Thacker 564, however, this Sunday’s rain-free weather forecast allows them the opportunity to do something new.

We’ve played several times at night, but it’s been cold, so we’ve played inside,” Jesse Pinion said.  “I am really looking forward to being able to play outside on the patio.”

Located off Old Taylor Road, Thacker 564 specializes in bringing new tastes and tunes to the Oxford area.

“Thacker 564 has a laid-back vibe with good food and good people. We’ll play some originals and some cover tunes that we put our own spin on,” Pinion said. “We always have fun when we play and want the crowd to have a good time.”

Jesse and Kelley have a long history and love of music. Jesse recalled his first introduction into the music world at an early age.

“As a kid, I was heavily influenced by bluegrass,” he said. “My dad plays banjo and my mom plays several different instruments, and we traveled around the South going to bluegrass festivals. I started learning to play at an early age and have always enjoyed it.”

He said music itself brought he and Kelley together.

“Kelley and I started playing together about 10 years ago. She had been writing songs and playing around Oxford for a while before that,” Pinion said. “We share a love of music. It’s played an important role in both of our lives, and it brought us together. Playing shows together just lets us continue sharing that connection.”

Jesse and Kelley Pinion’s style continues to evolve and change. However, Pinion reflected on how the South has an undeniable impact on what they play.

“Music from the South has had a major impact on my playing. Whether it’s Delta blues, country, bluegrass or southern rock, I’ve always tried to incorporate those styles into my playing,” Pinion said. “I think the originals and the other songs we play definitely reflect our southern, Mississippi roots.”

He credits his early upbringings in bluegrass for inspiring his musical career and contributing toward he and Kelley’s signature style. The duo tries to keep things fun and plays different styles and genres for different crowds.

“It’s difficult to categorize what we play,” Pinion said. “It’s a little bit of everything, but if I had to pick a genre it would probably be Americana.”

Jesse said Thacker 564 is sure to be a fun spot this weekend to celebrate the good weather with music, food, drinks and friends.

“There’ll be something for everyone,” Pinion said. “We might even throw in some gospel tunes since it’s Sunday brunch. We’ll be playing rain or shine, so come out and bring a friend.”