Let’s get this bread: Oxford’s best bread roundup

Posted on Nov 14 2018 - 5:50am by Kassidy Desnoyer

With all of the “let’s get this bread” memes on social media, there isn’t a better snack to indulge in this week. Because of the recent popularity of this meme, here are the best places to get bread in Oxford, so you can enjoy a nice treat after you “get that bread.”

Photo illustration: Elise Brandwein

Best pastries

The top spot to get freshly baked, homemade-style pastries in Oxford is Bottletree Bakery on the Square. Everything is made daily from scratch. Not only can you get freshly baked pastries but also bread and other baked goods. Bottletree has all different kinds including whole wheat, rosemary garlic, nine-grain and, of course, sourdough.

It also has some of the best croissants I’ve ever had. You have the choice of buttered (a fan favorite), chocolate, ham and swiss or turkey and cheddar. Each croissant has 1,280 flaky delicate layers that melt in your mouth instantly after each bite.

If the croissant doesn’t suit your taste buds, then brioche might be for you. Famous in France, this fluffy yeast dough is filled with light sweet cream and the fruit filling of the day. Each bite is sweet and absolutely delicious. There is no doubt that Bottletree Bakery is the place to satisfy your pastry needs.

Best bagels

It is a well-known fact that the tastiest bagels are found in New York City, but you can still get your bagel fix in Oxford. Beagle Bagel Cafe offers 19 different bagels to choose from with 10 kinds of cream cheese. My personal favorite is the asiago cheese bagel with garlic and herb cream cheese. Each bagel comes toasted warm with a heaping amount of cream cheese spread.

The bagels here can become breakfast sandwiches, too, if you add meats or cheese to any bagel on the menu. The South loves its biscuits and gravy, but nothing compares to sitting down in the morning with a toasted bagel with cream cheese or butter. Handmade and freshly baked daily, Beagle Bagel Cafe’s bagels are a must for those who need their carb fix before a long day of grinding.

Best bread

This category was one of the easiest as Panera is known nationwide for incorporating freshly baked bread into every meal. Panera offers specialty bread along with bagels, pastries and baked goods. Because Panera offers over 15 different types of bread, you can’t go wrong with any choice. My personal favorite bread offering of Panera’s is the bread bowl. The iconic sourdough bread bowl is the perfect pair for any of the gourmet, homestyle soups. Who wouldn’t want a bowl that you can eat afterward?