Making the most of your tuition

Posted on Aug 20 2018 - 10:30am by John Scott

It’s no myth that college is expensive, and that’s not likely to change anytime soon.

Fortunately, in addition to the standard coursework and education your tuition pays for, the university offers a wide variety of programs, facilities and specialized opportunities aimed at helping all students succeed.

Check out some of these resources you may have missed:

Writing Center

Located in Lamar Hall, the Writing Center is available to all students for free. Trained consultants there work with students either face-to-face or online on any variety of written projects and papers. The center also offers free graduate writing consultation. Students are encouraged to visit the Writing Center’s website to make an appointment or speak with a consultant online.

Math Lab

The Math Lab, located in the Jackson Avenue Center and accessible by Oxford-University Transit’s Bronze Line, offers free tutoring for mathematics courses through the fourth semester of calculus. Trained tutors are available throughout the day to work one-on-one with any student to better his or her understanding of course material and to provide supplemental instruction for weekly lectures. These tutors will help you with homework, and they can help you ace that next test, too.

Career Center

Are you an eager freshman thinking ahead about post-graduation plans? A senior who is finally realizing they leave soon? Regardless of who you are, the Ole Miss Career Center located in Martindale Hall offers a variety of services intended to help students explore their career options. From one-on-one resume and interview skills help to seminars and career fair opportunities, the Career Center has a variety of in-person and online resources for all students. It’s never too early to start thinking ahead.

J.D. Williams Library

Containing more than just study tables and shelves filled with old books, the library has a tremendous number of resources both online and on campus. These resources include, but aren’t limited to, printing (both traditional and 3D), access to the libraries of universities across the country, paid access to a plethora of journals, various research resources and an incredibly helpful staff. Interested in learning more? Head on over and ask a staff member or check out the library’s website.

Alex LaRochelle does homework on her laptop in the J.D. Williams Library last semester. File photo by Christian Johnson

Counseling Center

College is difficult for everyone, but students should never feel as though they are completely helpless or alone. Located in Lester Hall, the Counseling Center offers free individual and group counseling, stress management and many other services dedicated to helping students who find themselves overwhelmed. Walk-ins are available, but because of heavy demand for services, students are encouraged to make an appointment by calling the office at (662) 915-3784.

Center for Student Success and First-Year Experience

The Center for Student Success offers a number of wide-ranging initiatives to help students achieve personal and academic success. Ranging from tutoring services to academic success workshops, these resources are available to all students in pursuit of a quality university experience. Additionally, the center also offers a first-year experience course (EDHE 105) intended to ease first-year university students’ transition to college from high school.