Playlist of the week: Remember to keep your head up

Posted on Oct 9 2018 - 5:50am by Adam Dunnells

As we approach the middle of the semester, it is more important than ever to look for the light at the end of the tunnel. With nearly two months left until Thanksgiving break, the semester can feel like it’s going to drag on forever. It’s easy to let yourself become overwhelmed and feel like things are too much to handle. When you start feeling like you can’t make it, maybe these songs can help you move forward.


  1. “Keep Your Head Up” – Andy Grammar


  1. “The Climb” – Miley Cyrus


  1. “Don’t Stop Believin’” – Journey


  1. “Remember the Name” – Fort Minor


  1. “I’m Still Standing” – Elton John

Even though the song was featured in the film “Sing” and on the show “Glee,” this Elton John song doesn’t seem to be nearly as well known as many of his other hits. This song is a great fit for this playlist, as it is all about recovering from a pretty nasty blow, a feeling that anyone who is struggling with a midterm can surely relate to.


  1. “Survivor” – Destiny’s Child


  1. “Hunger” – Marc Goone feat. Futuristic

What I love about this song is the uniquely inspirational message behind it. The artist says that while other people may be younger or smarter or have other advantages, he is “hungrier” than anyone else. The song reminds you that if you want something bad enough, nothing can stop you. That message isn’t one that you hear a lot in other inspirational songs.


  1. “Carry On” – Fun


  1. “Head Above Water” – Avril Lavigne


  1. “Get Back Up” – Barenaked Ladies


  1. “Skyscraper” – Demi Lovato


  1. “The Fighter” – Gym Class Heroes feat. Ryan Tedder


  1. “Shake It Off” – Taylor Swift


  1. “Tubthumping” – Chumbawumba

You may not think that you know this song, but you most likely do – just not by name. One of the most enduring songs from the late ‘90s, this classic is all about resilience and persistence. The repetition in the lyrics alone does a really good job of conveying the “never give up” attitude of human beings. It’s the perfect song for this list.


  1. “Move Along” – The All-American Rejects


  1. “’Till I Collapse” – Eminem


  1. “Roar” – Katy Perry


  1. “Nobody (Remix)” – Abstract feat. RoZe and YONAS