The Russ Liquid Test boasts signature New Orleans jazz, classic funk influences

Posted on Oct 10 2017 - 7:59am by Jordyn Smith

Rooted in the New Orleans jazz scene, The Russ Liquid Test combines classic funk and innovative electronics to captivate audiences, and this Wednesday, it will showcase its signature energy on the Proud Larry’s stage.

The band is led by Russell Scott, a renowned brass specialist, producer and songwriter from New Orleans. The band also features guitarist Andrew Block and drummer Deven Trusclair.

russ liquid test

Photo courtesy: The Untz

The vision for The Russ Liquid Test all began with Scott’s passion and unparalleled knowledge of music. After years of playing small jazz performances, cruise ship shows and even a solo full-length album, Scott knew he was meant to make music with other people.

Scott met Andrew Block while on tour in 2014 with legendary electronic producer Gramatik. Their similar musical styles and sounds made them the perfect match, and Block relocated to New Orleans shortly after to fully pursue music.

On the brink of the new electronic genre, The Russ Liquid Test worked to infuse New Orleans jazz with fresh electronic beats and influence. The group injects each song with different sounds, senses and synths. The Russ Liquid Test provides the perfect mix of jam, electronic and funk, blending together the talents of a live band while using electronics to create a constantly changing style of sound.

This mix of musical sounds was first debuted on The Russ Liquid Test’s debut EP, “1984.”

The EP collaborated with legends like Ivan Neville and was praised by fans and musicians alike. Interacting with other musicians is always something The Russ Liquid Test strives to do, combining the opinions and talents of other players.

“It was a blast to make this record. I had never made an album with as many live instruments,” Scott said. “Recording drums was probably my favorite part. Getting to dial in sounds and using an analog studio, stepping away from the computer, was a dream come true.”

The live aspect of The Russ Liquid Test’s music is what gives it a unique feel. Scott said living in New Orleans played a big role in inspiring “1984.”

“The inspiration for this EP was definitely living in New Orleans and picking up the vibes of this beautiful city. Such a wealth of musical knowledge exists there,” Scott said.

The Russ Liquid Test continues to redefine genres and the possibilities of music, fueling a growing popularity among fans and spreading its name to the lineups of music festivals across America.

The band played at festivals including Lightning in a Bottle in Southern California and the North Coast Music Festival in Chicago. It’s currently on tour around the United States and is excited to share its passion for music and multidimensional sound with crowds of all sizes.

Scott’s favorite parts of touring are “getting to travel around, meeting new people and all the awesome stories” he said the band makes along the way.

The Russ Liquid Test’s funky sounds leave its fan base craving more music. Luckily for the group’s fans, new tunes are already underway, and they can expect a new EP from the band soon.

“I would describe our sound as a seven-course meal,” Scott said. “We got a bit of everything, and as an epic gourmet meal is, it flows very nice.”

The band members are dedicated to keeping their music different, yet they strive to have a cohesive sound and vibe unique to The Russ Liquid Test. Most importantly, the dynamic of having a band with so many different sounds and abilities is what makes The Russ Liquid Test worth seeing.

The show starts at 9 p.m. Tickets range from $12 to $15.