Voices on campus: How do you decompress?

Posted on Apr 12 2018 - 5:53am by Jacqueline Schlick

“I listen to music, and I’ll watch a show that’s my favorite or that means a lot to me, something that’s close to me. I’ll watch my favorite comedy show or whatever to kind of make myself feel better.”

Jade Orellana, a junior integrated marketing communications major from Brandon

Zach Hollingsworth, a senior English and integrated marketing communications double major form Brandon

“I will paint different things that I’ve seen around campus. I really enjoy painting the Grove during the sunset period. That helps me get in tune with nature and ground myself when I’m having a really bad day.”

Madison Morrow, a sophomore theater arts and business double major from Oklahoma City

“I like to meditate just by listening to music, getting away from the world and letting my mind run free.”

Alexis Thomas, a senior exercise science major from Waterford

“I go to the gym.”

Kell Tonkinson, a junior criminal justice major from Jacksonville, Florida

“I listen to music, take a nap or walk around campus.”

Pearl Reed, a junior biology major from Drew

“I like to dance, sing and jump around.”

Nickie Tiwari, a freshman undeclared major from Clinton