Weekly playlist: Boys of Tinder

Posted on Aug 29 2017 - 12:25pm by Alice McKelvey

Tinder.  It’s one of the most widely downloaded apps for our generation. Anytime I meet new people, I’m shocked when they say they haven’t tried it. Who cares what you use it for? Maybe you use it to find that special someone, or in my case, in order to get social media points on Twitter for funny profiles I come across.

Tinder revolutionized itself when it linked with Spotify.  Before, we had to rely on someone’s photos and bio to figure out his or her personality. Now, we have the wide abyss that is the Spotify network to find out what people truly are.  Let’s face it: You know that we, as humans, like to stereotype people, and whether that’s a good thing or not, it’s the nature of the beast (and usually our instincts are right).  So if I see some guy jamming out to Insane Clown Posse or Luke Bryan on his profile, I can automatically assume what that guy’s going to be like (Come on. You envisioned a stereotype of those kind of guys in your head, too).

So this week I took the duty of downloading Tinder and scoping out the music scene for our local dudes. Note: This playlist only represents men who chose “interested in women,” so it cannot accurately portray our vast student body of various genders and sexual orientations. I took no discrimination in what I put on there, but I did have to cut the playlist down to a reasonable number of songs.  Some of these are great, but others … not so much. This experiment came mostly out of boredom, but I learned quite a lot in the process. Straight men of Oxford, it’s time to step up your music game. You may think you’re “deep” by listening to 21 Pilots and Mumford and Sons, but you’re stuck on some entry-level trash.

Maybe follow my playlists each week, rise from the ashes of your middle school music days and win over them honeys with some sweet, sweet tunes, courtesy of yours truly.