What to read in ‘Arts & Culture’

Posted on Sep 12 2018 - 5:50am by Liam Nieman

Southside Gallery presents Mississippi painters

I always enjoy art gallery reviews, because the words of artists add so much to their visual creations. That is apparent here in the quotes from painters Jonathan Kent Adams and Jerrod Partridge that give voice to their artistic concerns. Writer Jacqueline Schlick also did a great job of getting information from Adams, Partridge and gallery director Wil Cook that contextualizes their paintings in their own lives, Mississippi and the South. The Arts & Culture section has been doing this kind of work for a while now, and our new name just better reflects this.


How to navigate Oxford’s literary landscape

Liam’s feature about Oxford’s famed literary scene was featured in our Back to School edition earlier this semester and provides an insightful glimpse into a facet of the culture that makes this town great. These kind of articles are what you should have been noticing these past few months in this section under Liam’s direction, and they’re certainly what you should expect moving forward — stories that are well-articulated, thoughtful and collectively piece together our artful Oxford.


Tribute: Mac Miller ‘helped me discover myself’

Pieces like Monday’s tribute to Mac Miller written by Cameron Brooks are what this section is all about. Cameron took a piece of tragic national news and gave it a voice that most of us on campus could relate to. He found a way to offer community in the aftermath of the artist’s death and explain why the culture left behind by Mac Miller’s work reaches beyond just those who listened to his music. In the future, I hope we can continue offering similar articles that relate cultural phenomena to our lives here on campus.