Column: Predicting Ole Miss’ uniform combinations

Posted on Sep 13 2018 - 5:50am by John Macon Gillespie

Ole Miss has some of the most recognizable football uniforms in the country but has added a flare of tasteful variety to its threads in recent seasons.

The Rebels have found a nice balance between having uniforms traditional enough to be in the conversation with schools like Alabama and Auburn while having enough combinations to appeal to recruits.

To start off, let’s get caught up on what Ole Miss wore in its first two games of 2018.

Texas Tech

White helmet, white jersey and white pants

A.J. Brown catches the ball during the game against the Texas Tech Red Raiders on Sept. 1 in Houston. (Aaron M. Sprecher via AP)

The Rebels released this look in a promo during Shark Week, and it caught a lot of traction on social media. I’m a big traditionalist when it comes to football uniforms, so I wasn’t a fan of the look, originally. As time went on, however, the combination grew on me, and it looked amazing in Houston on national television. This also marked the fourth-straight season that the Rebels wore white pants in their season opener. Time will tell if we see this look again this season or in the seasons to come.

Southern Illinois

Navy helmet, red jersey and gray pants

This is one of Ole Miss’ most recognizable looks and would probably be classified as the team’s primary home combination. For the home opener this season, I liked that the Rebels went with a traditional look.

Now for the predictions:


Navy helmet, navy jersey and gray pants

Although fans have been instructed to wear powder blue for this game against Alabama, it looks like the Rebels will be in navy helmets this week. With that being said, for Ole Miss’ last three home matchups versus the Tide, the Rebels have worn this uniform combination, including the upset win in 2014. Look for the Rebels to go with a traditional look this Saturday in front of a nationally televised audience.

Kent State

Navy helmet, red jersey and white pants

It’s the perfect opportunity for the Rebels to wear white pants: for a nonconference game with an 11 a.m. kickoff in late September. Ole Miss has a history of wearing white pants for at least one early home game each year, and wearing them for this matchup makes the most sense. It could still be fairly hot and humid when this kickoff rolls around, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see the white pants make an appearance. The Rebels could also wear white helmets with this combo, or they could go traditional again with their navy, red and gray combo.


Powder blue helmet, red jersey and gray pants

Players run out on the field before facing LSU during the 2017 season. File photo by Chase Roberts

The Rebels have worn powder blue helmets in the last two seasons versus LSU (although last season’s lids were throwbacks with numbers on the sides). LSU wears white jerseys at home and on the road, and the Rebels usually wear red against the Bayou Bengals. If Ole Miss is going to break out the powder blue lids this season, doing so for this game makes the most sense.


Navy helmet, red jersey and gray pants

Ole Miss Football wins its home opener versus Southern Illinois on Saturday 76-41. Photo by Christian Johnson

This is the game that I have the most trouble deciding on. It’s homecoming for the Rebels, and that could mean a lot of different things in the uniform department. My gut tells me that Ole Miss will go with its primary home combination, but we could see the navy/navy/gray or powder blue/red/gray combination, as well. Regardless, I think the Rebels will go with a traditional look for this game. Which look it will be remains a question, however.


Powder blue helmet, white jersey and gray pants

This will likely be Ole Miss’ first chance to wear its road jerseys since the opening game versus Texas Tech. Ole Miss wore its powder blue lids on the road against the Razorbacks in 2016, and I think the Rebels could do it again this season. There aren’t many games on the schedule — other than this one and the one versus LSU — in which the Rebels have historically worn powder blue, so I see this game being the second time in the season that they break them out.


Powder blue helmet, red jersey and gray pants

I’m going out on a limb with this one and predicting that the Rebels will wear powder blue in back-to-back weeks. Since reviving the powder blue color in 2014, Ole Miss has not worn these helmets against Auburn. This could be another nationally televised game, and I think the powder blue would look good on the field against Auburn’s traditional road uniforms.

South Carolina

Navy helmet, navy jersey and gray pants

The Rebels wore this combo only once last season (at home versus Arkansas), but I think they will break it out for a second time to face South Carolina. The navy threads will clash well with South Carolina’s garnet and black, and with the season winding down by this point, I just see the Rebels sticking with darker colors.

Texas A&M

Navy helmet, white jersey and white pants

This is essentially the combination that the Rebels have worn in their last two trips to College Station, and I think they will do it again. I would love to see the powder blue helmets make an appearance under the lights in Texas, but I don’t think it will happen. Regardless, this is a solid look, and the Rebels wouldn’t do poorly by deciding to wear it when facing the Aggies.


Navy helmet, white jersey and gray pants

Senquez Golson (21), defensive end Channing Ward (11) and defensive end Fadol Brown (90) celebrate with defensive back Cliff Coleman (6) during the second half of the game in Nashville in 2014. (Photo/Thomas Graning)

The Rebels wore this combination in both 2014 and 2016 in Nashville, and although I think (as always) that the powder blue helmets would look good in this case, the Rebels don’t have a history of wearing them against Vanderbilt. I think they will keep it traditional in the week before the Egg Bowl when they make the trip to Vandy.

Mississippi State

Powder blue helmet, red jersey and gray pants

It’s time that this combo makes an appearance at an Egg Bowl. Ole Miss has not worn powder blue against Mississippi State since 1994, the last season that the powder blue lids were its primary (and only) helmet. I think that’s a crime. Ole Miss has worn navy helmets against Mississippi State every season in recent memory, despite having powder blue in its arsenal. What better way to pump up an already excited Egg Bowl crowd on Thanksgiving than wearing the powder blue helmets? I think that this look would be a nice addition to an already perfect holiday.

Matt Luke and Ken Crain, make it happen.