Football and food: Super Bowl Sunday essentials

Posted on Jan 31 2018 - 7:57pm by Jordyn Smith

Super Bowl Sunday is the holiday of the year for many football fans. No matter if you’re rooting for the Patriots or Eagles this Sunday, it is sure to be a showdown in Minneapolis for Super Bowl LII. If you’re hosting a party or just hoping to get an invite to watch the game, here are some essential Super Bowl Sunday must-haves to keep the party going from kickoff.

The basics

The first thing to know in order to have a successful Super Bowl weekend is when the game actually starts. Kickoff will be at 5:30 p.m., so be sure to gather your gang around the TV in time to see it go down.

Another essential to watching the game is making sure you actually have a TV to watch it on. Do not fear, because if you’re one of the lucky kids to have cable in college, it will be live on your local NBC channel. If you don’t have the biggest flat screen on the block or the best internet connection, get together at a friend’s house or head to the Square, where the bars are sure to be packed with football fans.

However, there are still a few essentials everyone is sure to be talking about besides the game: the food and the halftime performance.


Food never fails to make or break a party, especially on Super Bowl Sunday. This is the tailgate of all tailgates, so make sure to plan accordingly. Rebel fans should be particularly good at this, so make sure to invite your football friends and plan ahead to ensure a legendary watch party, even outside of the Grove.

Get all your snack essentials before Sunday. Some of the most popular and best things to bring to the party are chips and queso, Buffalo chicken dip, chili or anything that can be easily shared by everyone. If you’re not big on cooking, offer to grab drinks or cups for the party. Super Bowl Sunday also happens to be one of the biggest beer-drinking days of the year, so be sure to stock up on your favorite 30-packs before game day if you’re over 21.

Non-football entertainment

If watching football isn’t your ideal Sunday night plan, there is still a reason to watch or attend a Super Bowl party. It is usually one of the most-watched programs of the year, and the halftime show and highly anticipated commercials are sure to be the topics of gossip come Monday. Justin Timberlake will make history Sunday night by becoming the first artist to perform at the Super Bowl halftime show three times. Don’t miss his legendary performance, for he is expected to impress – this isn’t his first time slaying the Super Bowl stage.

Commercials are sometimes the hottest topic that comes with Super Bowl Sunday. Companies pay millions and spend months thinking of the perfect commercial to show between downs. With this year’s 30-second commercials costing an average of $5 million, there are sure to be some good laughs during the commercial breaks, so don’t miss them.

No matter which team you root for or where you watch the game, Super Bowl LII is expected to be a historic night for television. The Eagles and Patriots anticipate an eventful evening full of surprises, so be sure to have your friends, food and TV ready in time for the fun come Sunday night.