Letter to the editor: George Withers

Posted on Dec 1 2017 - 7:55am by George Withers

In the past few years, the media has had a field day talking about the negatives regarding fraternities, and many are now proposing that they be kicked off college campuses. As ridiculous as that sounds to some, others find that idea not too far-fetched with the recent events in LSU, Penn State and Texas State. I urge everyone to stop generalizing fraternity life, as the recent events in no way, shape or form resemble what fraternities are actually founded upon.

It seems ordinary to generalize everyone who is a part of something and stereotype them, even though they might be against what they are being stereotyped for. And that is exactly what is happening now: Fraternities nationwide are getting bashed for the wrongdoing of a handful of people who happen to be a part of a fraternity.

White people are not all racist. All Muslims aren’t terrorists. And in fraternities’ case — just because a few degenerates decided to take part in obscenely harassing women and hazing incidents doesn’t mean that everyone who is a member of a fraternity has the desire to take part in any of those activities. In fact, I would strongly argue that the vast majority of those who are a part of a fraternity would unanimously disagree with those despicable actions.

Fraternities were founded upon honor, respect and love for one another. Outsiders may have a lot of misperceptions on the way fraternities truly work, but I can guarantee you that it extends beyond alcohol, partying and bad decisions. Fraternities help communities become better places, so take a deeper look and find out all the virtue that fraternities offer and don’t give in to the stereotypes others have created due to some reprehensible actions only a few people partook in.

George Withers is a freshman business major.