Midterm week: Best places to study in Oxford

Posted on Mar 5 2018 - 7:56am by Ethel Mwedziwendira

Finding a good study spot is challenging, especially during midterms and finals weeks when every area around town is packed. If you’re like me, you are probably very particular about where you do homework or study. I take a lot of things into account when finding the best place to study. Are there enough charging outlets? Are the seats comfortable? Is the coffee good? What hours are the best to go? Here are my favorite picks. Happy midterm week.


Graduate Oxford

Emily Hoffman

Known for its rooftop bar and Ole Miss themed decor, the Graduate Oxford hotel is one of the most well-known study spots in Oxford. What I look for in a study spot are the atmosphere and, aside from the coffee menu, how many seats there are. The Graduate has plenty of couches to make yourself comfortable on, which comes in handy during those late-night study sessions when you want to take a 20-minute power nap. But don’t be that person who hogs up the couches for that reason. If you do get to the point when you are tired during the night, you can head over to Cabin 82, located in the lobby, for some coffee. Overall, the Graduate is at the top of my favorites, and before 1 p.m., the lobby is empty. The decor is quaint, and studying in a pretty place makes it little less gloomy.

Rate: 9/10


Lamar Hall

During midterms and finals weeks, especially, Lamar is open 24 hours to study, except in rooms where classes are in session. The building has five floors, and the first three are available for undergraduate students. The fourth and fifth are reserved for graduate students’ use. The classrooms are good study spaces, and if you’re someone who needs to put your work on display, whiteboards are available for anyone who wants to solve out those hard accounting or chemistry problems. My only recommendation for studying at this location is to arrive after 7 p.m., when classes are finished and meetings are over, because of the limited parking. Remember to also bring your own coffee because Starbucks is a long hike away, and by the time you get to Lamar, your coffee might be cold. Also – don’t be that person who leaves his crumbs and half-eaten McAlister’s sandwich in the classroom. Treat this study area as if it was your home, because unlike coffee shops, no one is there to clean up your mess.

Rate: 8/10


Uptown Coffee

Emily Hoffman

Formally known as Highpoint Coffee, Uptown has both indoor and outdoor seating. Not only is the location nice and surrounded by all types of restaurants, but the outdoor seating is a plus during afternoons when you want to enjoy the nice weather and do homework outside. Because of the location, the place is always busy, except during the weekdays, which makes for limited parking spots. Though the coffee shop has limited charging outlets compared to the other places I study, its food selection makes up for that. If you have a sweet tooth, the coffee spot has a selection of pastries from cinnamon bagels to blueberry muffins, and after 6 p.m., university students can use their student IDs for a discount.

Rate: 7/10



With one of the most convenient locations in Oxford, Cups ranks as one of the best coffee spots and places to study in town. If you’re in need of a change of a studying scenery after a long day of studying on campus, Cups is the perfect place for any coffee lover. It sells coffee roasts from around the world and offers a frequent member card for customers. Aside from its beverages, the place is divided into a private and open area to get work done. The private area has larger tables, which fill up quickly and are usually reserved for a party of two or more. The only fault with Cups, however, is the size of the tables.

Rate: 6.5/10


Bryant Hall

Bryant Hall, to me, is one of the most underrated places to get work done, which may be good because it is rarely crowded. Not only is the location aesthetically pleasing, but the main area feels like your own living room, which, like the Graduate, makes it less dreadful to get your work done. It does get a bit crowded with people walking in and out, and it’s not the perfect area to study for rigorous tests like chemistry or the LSAT. But if you do want to avoid the large crowds at the library or cram for a quiz last minute, Bryant is an ideal spot to hide away. The lobby isn’t the only area great for working in, either. Located upstairs is a private room with no door that overlooks the Circle – an ideal spot to people-watch or view the sunset.

Rate: 6/10