From us to you: Tips on preparing for finals

Posted on Dec 1 2017 - 7:56am by Lifestyles Desk

Finals are here, but luckily The Daily Mississippian staff is here to help you through the worst week of the semester.


I love to-do lists. I write down every small task I need to accomplish for finals week preparation then cross them off as I go. It’s a super satisfying feeling.”

Lana Ferguson – Editor-in-Chief


Hand-write anything you think is worth remembering and then go back over your notes with a highlighter for what’s important.”

Slade Rand – Managing Editor


I think it’s important to take time for yourself. It’s easy to spend six-plus hours staring at your computer screen or memorizing flashcards. If you take 30 minutes to step outside for a bit or take a quick nap, it really will make all the difference when you’re studying.”

Rachel Ishee – News Editor


Don’t forget the power of a break.”

Liam Nieman – Opinion Editor


“Take it day by day, and put it all on paper. Take the time to sit down and plan out what you will be studying when. Plan out each day, and cross things off your agenda as you go. It will ease the stress level running through your head. But be sure to leave yourself time to decompress.”

Grayson Weir – Sports Editor


“This has to be serious? Oh. Ok. Um … Can my deadline be extended for this? I just really didn’t plan ahead for this. Like, I knew I’d have to do this, but it snuck up on me so fast, and I didn’t realize this was a big deal. That’s all. I mean, this prompt is totally different than the one you gave me earlier. Ugh, I guess I should have planned ahead more. … Wait. That’s perfect. Use that. It totally applies to studying for finals.”

Jonathan Gibson – Assistant Lifestyles Editor


“I am constantly making to-do lists and updating my agenda. It makes time management a lot easier and declutters your life a bit by providing a way to organize your thoughts. As for studying, I read over everything that I think will be on the test, and then I go back and highlight the most important parts to reread and focus on. Creating acronyms or rhymes is a good way to remember things, as well.”

Marlee Crawford – Photo Editor


“I brew myself an entire pot of coffee and get to work. But also don’t forget to take breaks and get some sleep.”

Hayden Benge – Design Editor