Weekly podcast playlist: International affairs

Posted on Feb 22 2018 - 7:57am by Ethel Mwedziwendira

With the world coming together for major events such as the Olympics or the United Nations Global Summit, it’s hard to not think about what is happening in foreign countries around the globe. Though politics may or may not be highlighted at events like the Olympics, there are often salient issues not explicitly highlighted in the media, and people who can face persecution for speaking out about corruption within their countries. The following podcasts discuss issues such as this and focus on foreign policies, international relations and beyond.

The Debrief


Photo courtesy: Al Jazeera

Hosted by Al Jazeera’s investigative unit, “The Debrief” is a storytelling podcast all about viewing issues from various perspectives. In each episode, reporters attempt to answer one question: Why should their listeners should care about the news? This podcast provides its listeners with the latest conversations of its reporters, photojournalists and analysts across the world. It doesn’t just focus on foreign policy but, rather, on broadcasting real-life stories from different areas. It keeps listeners up-to-date on current issues and the latest trends while giving people an insight into journalists’ experiences covering news stories. If you’ve ever wondered what America’s poorest white town is, what it feels like reporting on the Rohingya refugee crisis or what an Iraqi father’s search for his missing son after fleeing the country entails, then this podcast might be the one for you.


Global News Podcast


Photo courtesy: iTunes

“Global News Podcast,” which is produced by the BBC World Service, highlights top news stories from around the world by discussing compelling events and offering brief analyses. Unlike many other news podcasts, “Global News Podcast” covers the latest international news and spans topics that range from economics to politics. Updated twice daily on weekdays and once a day on weekends, “Global News Podcast” provides listeners with concise and unbiased in-depth reporting. This podcast presents topics that aren’t typically covered by most news outlets, like an analysis of how urbanization is affecting Pakistan as well as discussing more universal subjects, such as pop culture. No matter the topic, information is always summarized into a 30-minute show, making it easy to digest.


Latino USA

latino usa

Photo courtesy: iTunes

Ethnic Latinos are one of the United States’ fastest-growing demographics. “Latino USA” is a weekly podcast that provides insight into the experiences of Latinos living in the United States and beyond by highlighting political, social and cultural challenges faced by the group. Anchored by Maria Hinojosa, this NPR program is one of the longest-running Latino-centered programs on the radio. Stories shared in its episodes range from what it means to be Afro-Latinidad and who can claim it to topics about life for Puerto Rican citizens after Hurricane Maria. The show is witty and funny while still being an informative tool for listeners. Overall, it’s a show for the voiceless, and it gives an interesting perspective on challenges faced by the Latino community that are often not showcased in the media.


Pod Save the World


Photo courtesy: iTunes

Cohosted weekly by Tommy Vietor and a notable guest, “Pod Save the World” is a progressive podcast that covers the most recent news regarding politics and foreign policy. Vietor and his special guests provide unique perspectives in each episode of their firsthand experiences with global governments and events. The progressive media company formed after the 2016 election in order to “inform, entertain and inspire action or activism.” For example, one recent episode included an in-depth discussion about the Iranian Revolution, its implications for the Iran deal and and President Trump’s response to the situation. Though the noteworthy issues covered by this podcast can be complex at times, Vietor and his guests make the show entertaining enough that any listener keep up to speed with the latest foreign policy.