Word on the street: Women’s History Month

Posted on Mar 22 2018 - 5:57am by Jacqueline Schlick

What woman has influenced you the most?

Photo courtesy: Jacqueline Schlick

“My granny. She has always said, ‘I love you no matter where you go in life.’ She loves amazingly.”

Madi Morris, a freshman music performance major from Starkville

Photo courtesy: Jacqueline Schlick

“The first lady in my church, Easter Miller. She’s a really wise woman and has a huge heart of compassion. You know how puppies love you unconditionally? That’s how she loves.”

N’kila Garner, a freshman elementary education major from Jackson

Photo courtesy: Jacqueline Schlick

“My mom. Just in watching her every day life.”

Maddie Quickel, a freshman psychology major from Houston

Photo courtesy: Jacqueline Schlick

“My mom. She wanted to go to school, but her dad wouldn’t let her, so she brought me up telling me the importance of going to school. She educated me so I could have a better future.”

Nadia Trujillo, a junior Spanish and political science double major from Southaven

Photo courtesy: Jacqueline Schlick

“Hillary Clinton. She ran for presidency against the odds and did a lot of things in office even before it was OK to be a woman with opinions. And she doesn’t hide behind the name ‘Clinton.’ She does her own things.”

Sol Cordova, a senior biochemistry major from Chicago

Photo courtesy: Jacqueline Schlick

“My mom. She always does her best to keep me on track, up to date and in the know. If I have any problems, I go to mom. She helps me with any and everything. I aspire to be as compassionate to her kids as she is.”

Lakaria Lambert, a sophomore exercise science and biology double major from Horn Lake