Weekly podcast: ‘Sincerely, X,’ soul, success

Posted on Sep 7 2017 - 8:02am by Ethel Mwedziwendira

The other day I stumbled across “WTF,” a podcast hosted by stand-up comedian Marc Maron. In one episode, he interviewed former President Barack Obama in his garage – yes, that actually happened. But get this: It wasn’t your typical interview with a politician that only covered politics, policy or why I’m paying $3 per gallon for gas. Maron dove deep. He got personal, connecting with Obama and asking him questions people don’t ask politicians. They talked about core values Obama thought were corny up until his 20th birthday, the same values he tries to instill in his daughters Malia and Sasha.

“Around 20, you start to realize honesty, kindness, hard work, responsibility, looking after other people – they’re pretty good values and homespun,” Obama shared.

The episode gave me inspiration for this week’s podcast topic – podcasts that motivate you, guide you through life’s biggest questions and encourage you to think deep. Here are my weekly favorites.

On One with Angela Rye

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Created not too long ago, “On One with Angelia Rye” digs into pressing issues from race to politics and, occasionally, pop culture. She presents clapbacks to listeners while also bringing knowledge about those issues to the table. According to Rye, the podcast is for folks who want to listen to someone who’s honest and doesn’t hold back. It leaves you curious and wanting to learn more, thinking about the bigger picture.


The Secret to Success

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His journey to success started after his experiencing life as a homeless high school dropout. Now, as an entrepreneur, CEO and PhD recipient, Eric Thomas shares his odds-defying story every week with co-host Carlas Quinney Jr. This duo challenges you to think in new ways while giving listeners a motivation boost for the week.

Sincerely, X

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There are some stories that are too sensitive or too painful to share, and “Sincerely, X” gets that. Brought to you by the TED Talks speaker series and the power of anonymity, “Sincerely, X” is a series that showcases chats with the voiceless while keeping their identity hidden. The podcast is all about giving those people an opportunity to share their powerful stories in each episode.

Oprah SuperSoul Conversations

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In this podcast, Oprah Winfrey bestows listeners with wisdom by interviewing best-selling authors, leaders and wellness experts. Each week, she brings uplifting messages to the table while also allowing deep conversations and connections. Everybody has a soul story, Winfrey says. Listen to those soulful stories every week, and listen to interviews that feature some of America’s finest, like former President Jimmy Carter, Ariana Huffington and Tracy Morgan.

The Daily Boost

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It’s upbeat, relatable and raw. Think of it as listening to your favorite talk show, but it’s in the morning and on your way to work. Cheesy but inspiring, funny yet stimulating, “The Daily Boost” gives listeners who need that extra push of encouragement and inner peace every day a different outlook on life with each episode. Hosted by Scott Smith, the podcast is available every Monday and is free.

Get to know yourself with these podcasts, feel inspired and remember: As Kris Jenner always says, “You’re doing amazing, sweetie.”