Creed Week unites students with common values

Posted on Aug 30 2017 - 7:59am by Logan Williamson

Freshman Madison Greer, from Cleveland, Miss., signs the Creed Book in the Union at the beginning of Creed Week Monday. (DM Photo/Kayla Beatty)

The Associated Student Body kicked off Creed Week this past Monday, hoping to celebrate the ethics and values outlined in the Ole Miss Creed.

Written more than 14 years ago, the Creed’s goal is to unite students under one decree and enlist new community members to the values it represents.

On Monday, ASB held its inaugural session, “Meet Your Senators,” on Galtney-Lott Plaza near Holman and Conner Halls.

Senators chosen by ASB, along with elected officials, greeted students on Business Row to discuss ASB and Creed Week.

“‘Meet Your Senators’ allows students to reach out to their senators and discuss ideas with them about the upcoming term,” ASB Vice President Elam Miller said. “It’s a bridge between the senators and their constituents.” 

ASB worked extensively to promote the values outlined in the Creed.

“This year is special because it is the first year that we get to highlight the tenets of the Creed, as opposed to just promoting ASB,” ASB President Dion Kevin said.

Holocaust survivor Marion Lazan was invited by ASB to speak at the Overby Center to discuss respect for the dignity of each person, in correspondence with the first line of the Creed.

Tuesday featured “Coffee and Donuts with a Cop,” which allowed students to build relationships with the University Police Department.

Later in the afternoon, the non-profit, non-partisan organization Mississippi Votes did a voter registration drive partnering with ASB, focusing on voter registration, education, research and policies.

EDHE Freshman Experience Classes were there to participate, learn about the voting process and get the chance to register under Lafeyette County residence instead of back in their hometowns.

“It’s important, especially for students coming in from out of state, to register where you are most centralized and where the laws most affect you,” Jarrius Adams, Ole Miss ambassador for Mississippi Votes, said.

On Tuesday night, Athletic Director Ross Bjork spoke at the Ford Center about the second lines of the Creed – fairness and civility.

The next two days will continue to highlight the various lines throughout the Creed.

Wednesday night will feature a pep rally at Vaught-Hemingway Stadium at 5 p.m. The pep rally aims to enhance student pride for the upcoming season while teaching personal and professional integrity.

Ole Miss interim football coach Matt Luke will be there, along with volleyball head coach Steven McRoberts and soccer head coach Matthew Mott.

On Thursday night, Oxford Mayor Robyn Tannehill will speak about good stewardship of our resources.

“This week is important, especially for incoming students, to see how applicable the Creed is to the campus and to our daily lives,” Danielle Foster, director of programming for ASB, said. “Dedicating a day to each line of the Creed is very impactful, and we hope students will come out and join us as we honor that.” 

Kevin said he encourages all students to participate in the week’s events.

“It highlights something we all share at Ole Miss,” he said. “It’s something that students, faculty and staff all share as a core belief. It’s uncommon for there to be a shared set of values for something across campus, and that’s what makes it so special.” 

Miller believes this week is about letting the student of Ole Miss know what the university believes in and tries to uphold.

“While it is a promotion of ASB, we are also promoting the campus and the individual importance of every student,” Miller said. “A theme this week is to break down barriers between the students and university leadership, that we’re all here together as one Ole Miss.” 

ASB has ordered approximately 500 planners that members will be giving away for the remainder of Creed Week. They also will have reusable water bottles, pencils, flash drives, Scantrons and other merchandise up for grabs during the events for the week.